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Being women, we wear many hats. Those hats change constantly with our ever-evolving life roles. We do so much for others be it our children, spouses, parents, friends, bosses, etc. Ultimately, we make everyone and everything a priority before ourselves. At the end of the day our needs are left to the end of the day and more often than not those needs stay unattended. I know the lives we live are hectic and fast-paced, but I urge you ladies to make time for you. Even if only fifteen minutes, make time for YOU!

Men have their caves, but women need their own space too. Designate a spot in your home that is solely for [insert your name here]. Create an area that reflects your interests and personality. A place, besides your bed, where you can enjoy your own company and refresh.

Don’t know where to begin on your “lady lounge”? Fret not, I partnered up with a couple of my girlfriends to get your creative juices flowing. Thank you Brooke and Dori for allowing me to share a piece of your homes! 

Brooke’s Make-Up Nook

Brooke's Nook 1Brooke lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her future husband, Collin, and their roommate. Despite the limited space, she imagined a cozy corner to call her own and, with the help of her fiancé (you’re welcome for the credit Collin), she brought her idea to life. Brooke proves that you don’t need a huge house to have a spot to seclude yourself.

Hollywood Lights @ Home Depot

Vanity Tabletop: Ekby Alex Shelf @ IKEA

White Tufted Chair @ Amazon

White Rug @ Marshall’s



The lights are definitely my favorite part of my vanity, but I also hate them because they bring out my blemishes. — Brooke




Dori’s Dressing Room

Dori and her husband, Danny, recently purchased their first home! Moving from a tiny apartment into a two-story house, Dori has quite a lot of space to fill and of course she started with her dressing room. I have always admired Dori’s sense of style. It’s no surprise she beautifully incorporates her fashion taste into her space.

shoe display storage

With Danny working nights, I love being able to go to my room get ready, play dress up if I want to and not have to worry about waking him up. The lighting is really nice for putting on my makeup and I can see the sunrise every morning. — Dori

Dori's Dress Room - Vanity

Shoe Display: Kallax Shelving Unit @ IKEA

Mirrored Vanity Table: Marsala @ Joss & Main

Vanity Mirror @ Hobby Lobby

Red Bottom Shoe Print & Flower Vase @ HomeGoods

Leyka’s Lady Lounge

My husband and I rent a small 3-bedroom house. All of the rooms are relatively the same size. One is our bedroom, one is our office, and the other one is the room I use as an extension of my tiny closet. It’s sort of a work in progress, but I probably won’t finish since we plan on moving fairly soon, so let’s pretend I’m a minimalist.

Sparkle Corner

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. I love this saying and when I found this canvas at Marshall’s I just had to have it. It serves as a daily reminder for me to remain positive no matter what the day throws at me.

Mrs. Chaparro's Vanity

“Sparkle” Glitter Canvas @ Marshall’s

Vanity Table: Hamilton X Slat Desk @ Target

Tri-Fold Mirror: Alexa @ Pier 1 Imports

Ghost Chair & White Shag @ Amazon

If you’d like inspiration beyond this post, check out my Pinterest board, dressing room.

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