acerca del título :: about the title

Casita Starts With CCasita translated from Spanish means “small house” and Chaparro is my married last name. Translated literally, my blog’s title means Chaparro’s Small House. If we’re to get even more literal, Chaparro means “short” in Spanish, so welcome to my Short Small House. Hmmm…maybe I’ll change the title? Nah. Maybe not.

As Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Because I’m just starting out in my marriage, in my career, and with this blog, the word “small” perfectly describes my current phase in life. Plus, I also actually live in a small home, so there’s that. My hope for this blog is that it grows and blossoms with me and with you, my beautiful reader. May you be inspired and delighted by each and every post. Make yourself at home here.

 acerca de mi :: about me

My name is Leyka (pronounceAbout to be Mrs. #XOChaparrod lay-kah) and I’m the proud wife to an former Army soldier, Kristofer. We’ve been Mr. and Mrs. Chaparro officially since July 2013. Previously from Pennsylvania, we now reside in North Jersey, but in between that we lived over the rainbow with our Yorkie, Skittles, in the state Dorothy and Toto called home.

I consider myself a romantic. I love love and happily ever afters. I look for beauty in all things and am always in search of unique adventures with my sweetie. You’ll find out lots more about me and my interests through my posts, so please visit often.

For any inquiries, please email me at saludos@casitachaparro.com.






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