Fotos y Recuerdos: A Framebridge Review

You know the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”. How much more is it worth inside the perfect frame? An entire novel I’d say.

After I got married, I stopped buying cheap picture frames because I thought to myself: my memories and experiences are too rich to be held together by a cheap frame. I want to be able to pass down the beautiful moments of my life to my future children, grandchildren, and beyond. Although they did the job for my college dorm, frames from the dollar store are just not durable enough to pass down the generations.

A good frame is essential to protecting your prized photographs. That said, you shouldn’t frame your special photos willy-nilly. The pictures you display around your home need to be held in frames that correspond with the story they tell. The frame is ultimately an extension of the photograph. Together, they form an artistic masterpiece.

Recently, I professionally framed one of my favorite captures from my wedding day. Yes, this happened almost two years after the actual wedding. Don’t judge me. I hesitantly used Framebridge to do this task. I was hesitant because of the price tag. Still, Framebridge ads bombarded me all over social media and on TV for the past year or so. I finally caved after not finding any place that fit my framing needs. Girl, do I wish I used Framebridge sooner because the execution and delivery remarkably surpassed my expectations.

The process was super simple. First, I uploaded the picture I wanted framed (they also give you the option to mail in a photo). Framebridge then recommended the best sized frame based on the resolution of the image. I had the option to choose whatever size I wanted, but I trusted Framebridge’s recommendation. Next, I browsed through the different frame styles and chose the one I liked most. The last step was payment and then waiting for the final product to arrive at my door.

The frame arrived to me fairly quickly for it being a made-to-order item. My jaw dropped when I opened the box. The attention to detail was truly impeccable! Everything and I mean everything is of the highest quality. From the photograph paper to even the nail that comes with the frame, the quality is just WOW! Remember I said I held off on purchasing because of the price tag? Well, I can tell you in all honesty you’ll get more than what you pay for! Plus, Framebridge really knows how to treat its customers. I received a personally handwritten note with my frame. Way to win me over! I plan to create a gallery wall in my living room and you better believe I will be using all Framebridge frames.

Framebridge Has Excellent Customer Service!

Do you have special photographs that are dying to be displayed, but instead you have them lifelessly lying in a storage box, flash drive, or on your computer? I definitely recommend you use Framebridge to allow your snapshots to tell their story. Use my code “LEYKA10” for a 10% discount off your first Framebridge!

By the way, Framebridge will frame pretty much anything, so whatever you have be it a t-shirt, poster, or diploma, Framebridge has you covered. You can even frame your favorite Instagram shot! And, if you’re having a hard time picking the perfect frame, you can trust the Framebridge design team to help you make the right choice.

I hope you join me in beautifying your space by displaying framed pictures and mementos that you love and tell your story.  Happy framing!






P.S This is NOT a sponsored post/review. I am just genuinely happy with Framebridge and its product/service. 

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