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Our washing machine washed it’s last load yesterday. Actually, it’s not even technically our washing machine. We rent a little 888 square foot house built in the 1950’s. The house has so many charming elements, but it also has A LOT of outdated stuff like the washing machine (how I wish I could Chip-and-Joanna my rental). The dryer gave out a few months ago, so we had a feeling the washer would follow suit. I wish it wouldn’t have done so this soon though. Now it’s off to the local laundromat until our landlord either repairs or replaces the washing machine.

Looking back on my twenty-something years of life, I remember way too many trips to the laundromat. My parents have always rented and until recently they’ve always had to wash clothes outside of the house. I started doing my own laundry when I was around ten and since then laundry has been the most annoying time consuming chore. I don’t hate it as much as washing dishes, but it’s definitely number two on the list of most-hated house chores.

I wonder how many total hours of my life I’ve spent doing laundry. It gets frustrating to have to do the same repetitive task week after week: wash, dry, fold, store, repeat. It’s hard to not get annoyed at the trivial aspects of everyday living with how short life is. I want to live life to its fullest potential, but I can’t ever even reach the threshold because there’s laundry to be done.

When I get into a mood because I have to do those boring chores my husband tells me, “I don’t care what I’m doing as long as it’s with you.” Are you awwing? He such a sweetie I know. I feel so lucky to have a partner in my husband. He helps me with just about every errand although I tend to want to be super woman and do it all by myself. He somehow finds fun even the most tedious task.

As I waited for my clothes in the laundromat yesterday, I began to reflect and reminisce on all those times my sisters and I had to accompany our parents to do laundry. Though we were forced to help them, we managed to entertain ourselves. We would people watch, play pretend, and joke around. We bonded, over laundry, we bonded.

It may sound super silly, but reflecting on laundry has taught me an important lesson: there’s happiness in the mundane. We all have that one chore (or day job) that we call the bane of our existence. Don’t allow the little everyday things frustrate you because it’s the little things that make life worthwhile after all. Find joy in the everyday and if you can’t find it, make it up. You have the power to create your own happiness.


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