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Remember your younger years when you would excitedly pick up loose change from the street to put in your piggy bank? I know I’m not the only one who did this. Oh I am? Well…this is awkward.

Maybe you were lucky enough to have a monthly or weekly allowance. Sadly, my parents didn’t have the means to provide my sisters and me with an allowance. I am grateful that they didn’t though because I appreciate the value of a dollar so much more now that I’m an “adult”.

My parents taught me to save my money. While I definitely make sure my savings accounts keep growing, I am a material girl living in a material world. I love to shop and I have expensive taste, but I hate to see my money disappear. Thanks to my college years I’ve learned a thing or two about frugal shopping. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my secrets to savings with you! These methods should come in handy and help your wallet from starving this season.

EbatesI do most of my shopping online because there’s much more variety and I love the thrill of opening a package. Recently I started using Ebates and since then I’ve gotten a little over $20 in rebates plus a target gift card! If you’re going to shop for gifts online definitely sign up for Ebates. Click here to sign up.

UpromiseI have been using Upromise since my senior year in high school. Upromise is similar to Ebates except you can earn money from dining at restaurants and grocery shopping. If you have student loans or are a parent looking to save for your child’s college tuition, Upromise is a good resource. When shopping online I have to choose between Upromise and Ebates because they cannot be used simultaneously for whatever reason. I just choose whichever one will give the most percentage/dollar amount back.

IbottaI am crazy about Ibotta. It’s one of my absolute favorite apps. So far I’ve earned close to $140. I mainly use Ibotta for groceries, but it offers rebates from stores like Sephora, Express, and even Nike. You can also earn money from buying booze! Ibotta is perfect this time of year as you buy food and drinks for Thanksgiving and gifts for Christmas. You can even use it in conjunction with Black Friday deals. Another cool thing about Ibotta is the team aspect. You and your teammates earn more by using Ibotta together. Come join my team and let your savings rack up!

Poshmark ~ This app is great for two reasons: you can make money by selling your gently used clothes and you can save money on gently used clothes. Personally, I have not had much luck with this app, but my younger sister is a Poshmark pro and it has worked well for her. I asked her how she’s had so much success and she says you have to be very active and social on the app. She’s made a decent amount of pocket change from Poshmark, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Install the free app and use code POGBJ to get $5 off your first order.

Hopefully you love the above ways to save money as much as I do. If you have other tricks to saving this holiday season please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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