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After a stress-filled day, I like to light lots of candles and soak my worries away in my freestanding vintage-style tub filled with rose scented bubbles. Okay, I am totally making that up, but let a girl dream! In a Pinterest perfect planet, I would absolutely have an amazing bathroom with said tub. In reality, I have a small bathroom plagued with moldy tiles thanks to antique ventilation. I cannot express how much I hate my bathroom. If you rent an old house/apartment, you most likely understand my woes. How I wish my landlord would allow me to remodel, on his dime of course. Again, let a girl dream.

Although I might not have the best bathroom right now, I have found ways to make it a serene space. My bathroom only contains the bare necessities since it is such a tight area. If you have a small bathroom, the easiest way to make it more calm and relaxing is to strip it away from unnecessary products. Ask yourself: Do I really need all of these shampoos or these body washes in every scent? The answer is NO! I admit I have been guilty of buying a new lotion or body wash every time I venture out to magical places like Target, even though I have unopened ones at home. However, I learned to resist the temptation and solely buy new products when the old ones are completely empty. Not only does this eliminate headache-inducing clutter, but it also saves money.

Another tip to making your small bathroom spa-like: replace the existing shower head. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a walk-in shower that shoots water from all angles, but changing your shower head for one with a few different settings will make a world of difference, especially if you buy one with massage features. You should be able to find one within your budget and the best thing is you can take it with you from rental to rental.

Lastly, I suggest you create a calming color scheme. Renters usually are not allowed to paint the walls. Luckily, a good shower curtain can do the trick. As you will see below, I kept the colors in my bathroom neutral, and made the shower curtain a focal point.

My Small Bath
The fluorescent lights kill me, but here’s my bathroom in all its glory.


As always, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any other tips and tricks on how to make a small bathroom (or any sized bathroom) spa-like, please comment below. Also, find the numbered list of my picks of essential bath products:

Spa Essentials for Small Bathrooms

  1. 1. Egyptian Cotton Towels
  2. 2. Bliss Acrylic Canisters
  3. 3. Delta 7-Spray Handheld Showerhead
  4. 4. Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Loofah
  5. 5. Fleur de Sel Fragrance Diffuser

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    I see you finally got the perfect storage shelves! Your bathroom came together so nicely. You’re so stylish 😍 I feel like you need some fresh white flowers somewhere. I love reading your posts 💚

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      Yes I did! Thanks so much Sandy!

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